Thank you very much for the strategic plan that the SSCP team completed for our Habitat for Humanity affiliate. The plan is very comprehensive and includes the budget, staffing, organizational structure, and partnership elements that will lead to successful growth. The depth of research, comparative analysis, and level of understanding about Habitat are very impressive. The plan provided both actionable information and served to motivate us. The Board of Directors appreciates the time invested in the project and has already started taking action to implement the team’s recommendations. The SSCP is a valuable partnership element between Skidmore and the local community. Thank you for partnering with us and we look forward to working with Skidmore on other projects in the future.
— Keith Bohling, Board Member, Habitat for Humanity for Northern Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties
Each week our SSCP team asked us thoughtful questions that helped us to see our business challenges from a different angle. In looking at our business through the lens of the academic material they were covering in class, they made the case that our challenges are common, and through market research they found examples of how these challenges had been addressed successfully by others. For example, they were very interested in how the long history of Caffe Lena could be used as a marketing asset without allowing it to hold us back from exploring new musical styles and reaching out to a younger demographic. They focused on the positive potential of our legacy, and interviewed the owners of other historic venues to find out how they maintained their retro vibe while adding assets that appealed to today’s listeners. It was interesting to hear these real life examples and it gave us some interesting ideas to explore.
— Sarah Craig, Executive Director, Caffe Lena
Saratoga Spring Water Company’s experience with the SSCP team was an entirely positive one. Not only did they bring a level of commitment and dedication to the project, but they helped to identify and flesh-out both strengths and weaknesses in our business strategy. Having an objective perspective allowed us to think more broadly about the topics essential for growing our business and the SSCP team was the catalyst for this change.
— Adam C. Madkour, COO, Saratoga Spring Water Company
Working with the Skidmore students from SSCP was an incredibly positive experience for us at The Inn at Saratoga. Meeting with the students each week encouraged us to set aside time to reflect on our business model and strategize how we wanted to improve and grow. The students showed professionalism and maturity and offered an insightful and academic prospective on ways The Inn could remain competitive in the hospitality market. We continue to refer to an impressive consultancy report provided by the students. I highly recommend the Skidmore Saratoga Entrepreneurial Partnership. I believe any local business would find great value from participation in this program.
— Liz Israel, Director of Sales, The Inn at Saratoga